About Me - Feral Rose

I am a talking non-thinker, thinking non-talker.

Goofy Tooth

For so many years I was the person who held the camera in front of her face and avoiding cameras when they were focused on me. I was one of those obnoxious people who turned away or covered my face as soon as someone attempted to snap even a casual photo of me. After what I refer to as The Great Epiphany of 2002, all that changed. The self-loathing ended. The Oprah crowd likes to call these New Beginnings and that works for me.

I remember an afternoon at work when a fellow employee entered my workspace, stood behind me and called my name. When I turned around and saw he had a camera and was about to take my photo, I gave him a big and waited for him to make the image. It did not even occur to me till much later the significance of this simple encounter. I was released from the shame I lived with for so many years and free to grow and discover what makes me tick.

I’m still the photographer in group settings and always have my camera with me. Recently I’ve become more and more interested in Contemplative Photography and have complete a few course at The Miksang Institute for Contemplative Photography. You can contact me at Deborah at Feralrose.com